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Nokia N1: Nokia is ready to hit 2015 with a bang

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Nokia is ready to have a great start in 2015 with Nokia N1 tablet. Nokia has made a nice move after a long time, but Nokia is not just Nokia now as Microsoft has...

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Mercedes G-Core Vision, a car with a big solar panel

The new car or truck SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Core Vision would have a hydrogen engine, also one electric. This could generate electricity from the sun with its plating plus hydrogen vehicle suspension.  Mercedes-Benz, the German...

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Google is working on a new sharing app

Soon we will have a new way to share files, messages, music and all kinds of documents among devices running on different platforms. A leak suggests that Google is working on a service called Copresence,...

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Sundar Pichai, the new Google product manager

Larry Page, CEO of Google, is transferring the leadership of hard-core technology to Sudar Pichai, senior vice present of the company. In a memo sent to staff, communicates that Pichai will be responsible for...

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All about Nexus 9 tablet

Google has just introduced the Nexus 9, a device especially recommended for those looking for maximum performance high-end tablet. It also has the advantage that it has a clean version of Android Lollipop. The computer...